Reasons to workout with a partner

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Reasons to workout with a partner

Most people know that exercise is important for their health and well-being. But they’ll use excuses to avoid exercising: they don’t have enough time, they're too tired or it's too hard. And that's where a workout buddy comes in. Having a workout partner will motivate and push you to the finish line. And they’ll help cheer you on when the going gets tough.


Find a fitness buddy

Search for a partner who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle and wants to be fit. A good workout partner will come in handy whether you’re power walking or kickboxing because they'll push you forward. Following a workout routine is tough and requires commitment and tenacity. And it's even tougher when you’re doing it alone. You’re more likely to become discouraged along the way. But when you have someone, it’ll help lighten the load.



When you have a workout buddy you’ll be less intimidated to try out new exercise routines. You'll be more open to experimenting. An exercise buddy might introduce you to new exercise trends you wouldn’t dream of trying on your own. For example, they might ask you to paddle board with them (paddle boarding helps you burn 500 to 700 calories in an hour). And you may just end up loving it. When you’re exercising alone, you’re more prone to sticking to what you know.


Make it more enjoyable

Buddies will keep the boredom at bay. Most people hate exercise but know they have to do it for their health. And if you fall into this group, you should get a partner who’ll be able to help make your workout session more enjoyable. When you have a partner, working out will seem less like an obligation and more like a fun outing. You’ll end up in good shape while also having fun doing it.


Iron sharpens iron

One study found out that people perform better when they have a partner who is fitter than they are. A little healthy competition can go along way. When you’re with a friend who is fitter than you it’ll push you to work harder. But make sure they’re not on an extremely higher level of fitness than you. If you’re unfit and you're competing with an athlete you might push yourself too hard and sustain injuries.  


Moral support

When you’re exercising alone and you get tired and fed up, it’ll be easier to quit. But when you have a gym partner, you’re more inclined to keep going even when it seems tough. A workout buddy will help you persevere and keep you motivated. They’ll push you when you think you don’t have the strength to swim that extra lap or jog the last mile.


Hold each other accountable

After a long day at work, it could be easy to throw in the towel and not head to the gym if you’re exercising alone. But if you have a partner waiting for you at spinning class it’ll be harder for you to bail on them and cancel plans.


Types of exercises you can do with a partner:


Rock climbing

Rock climbing is physically and mentally challenging which is why you’ll need a partner to cheer you on when it seems impossible to take the next step. Rock climbing is not for the faint hearted and will require balance, agility, flexibility and adaptability.

Climbing is a good way to keep fit. When you climb you improve your stamina and strengthen your legs, forearms, back and neck.


Game, set and match

Whether you feel like you’re as good as the Williams sisters or you just want to play for the fun of it, tennis is a good way to have fun and exercise. And you could bring your workout buddy along for a match.Tennis allows you to work out your entire body and helps burn calories and fat.


Power walk

Power walking is a style of walking which consists of walking in fast, energetic paces. When you power walk you use exaggerated movements which can help you lose weight and keep fit. And the added benefit of walking is it will decrease bad cholesterol levels and help combat stress.  


Cycle buddies

Challenge your partner and get fit by cycling through rough terrains or dirt roads. Cycling has so many benefits which will make you healthier, improve your physique and keep you fit. Hopping onto your mountain bike will also help build muscle endurance. When you’re moving those pedals you tone your hamstrings, calf muscles and gluteus maximus.


Getting those flat abs and toned legs is easier said than done. But it's possible to reach those goals when you have a partner. The right partner will make a workout session more bearable and will help you achieve your fitness goals.   


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