The importance of bicycles in every child’s life



The importance of bicycles in every child’s life

The best gift a child can receive is a bicycle. A bike is something every child should have as it brings with it a world of benefits. Whether you start them off with training wheels or throw them right in the deep end with you standing behind the bike and making sure they don’t fall over, every child will remember their first red, blue or green Giant bicycle. Also, on a side note, they probably will fall over a couple of times but it will only make them stronger. Just be sure to help them get back up and back onto the bike as soon as possible.

We'll be looking at the importance of bicycles in children's’ lives and, hopefully, the next birthday present you gift your child, will be a bicycle. You won’t regret it and they will love it.


Fun exercise for everyone

Children are either lazy or so energetic that there’s only so many ways to entertain them at home. What better way for your child to expend their energy than by having fun and exercising at the same time?

Cycling is one of those fun exercise activities that children don’t even realise are working their muscles or healthily elevating their heart rate. They’re too focused on not falling over, trying to “pop a wheelie” and get to where they’re going (which is usually the park or a neighbourhood plot-turned-bike-playground).   

Cycling builds strong legs, coordination, cardio fitness, endurance and balance. Everything a growing child should develop as early as possible in order to have a healthy physical foundation for the rest of their lives. Think about it, it starts with toddlers pushing themselves on those plastic ride-on motorcycle-style bikes. After which they move onto small bicycles with training wheels to keep them upright and teach them how to do the circular movement with their legs and understand how brakes work. It all leads up to the skills they’ll need for riding a big-kid bike one day.

And there’s nothing stopping mom or dad from buying a bike for themselves and riding with their child. It really is a fun sport and a perfect family activity.  


A sense of independence and responsibility

Children are, obviously, too young to drive their own car and get themselves around the neighbourhood. But if they have a bicycle and stay close enough to school or a local grocery store, they now have the independence to put their cycling helmet on, hop onto their bicycle and ride to where they need to be, all by themselves.

You will need to consider the age of your child, their cycling ability, their sense of responsibility and how busy the streets they will be taking are (and whether there is a designated cycling lane). You will also need to teach them about the rules of the road in order for them to be safe on their independent missions, which is also beneficial to teach them from an early age about being responsible on the road.

It will save you the petrol, and the environment from the fumes of your car, for them to cycle themselves around. It’s free transport (other than the once-off fee for buying the bicycle), it tells your child that you trust them and it’s a small workout before and after the school day (A great habit for them to practice as an adult to exercise before and after work). It’s important, however, to highlight the importance of road safety and, preferably, find a group of kids for your child to cycle with.


And all the benefits of being outdoors

Too many parents are complaining about their children being indoors all day, glued to the tablet or TV screen. Well, they definitely won’t be riding their bicycles inside the house, so it’s one way to get them outdoors and into the fresh air.  

Being outside alone is a great way to relieve stress and make people happier and by adding exercise to the mix, you’re looking at a happy, healthy and all-rounded childhood experience. When you take on cycling as a family, you also allow yourselves the opportunity to cycle through nature on mountain bikes or along the seafront promenades where you can enjoy the views this beautiful country offers.

Building an appreciative attitude of the outdoors is not a bad trait for a child to have, especially when the cartoon shows on TV aren’t doing any good for their mental health. It’s time to start browsing at bicycles for sale for the whole family and make recreational cycling a weekly venture that everyone can look forward to.