Natural supplements to include in your pre- and post-workout routine

Natural supplementsNatural supplements
Natural supplementsNatural supplements


Natural supplements to include in your pre- and post-workout routine

Health and fitness should be an integral part of every human being’s life. It’s not about being thin, muscular or the next long-distance champion. It’s literally just about being healthy and caring for your body.

And when it comes to taking supplements complementary to your workout routines, you don’t need to be the “buffest” body in the gym to want to take them. Taking care of your body through exercise and diet can be addictive (in a good way). But when it seems your only option to keep improving is to start taking something extra, it can make some of us a bit uncomfortable.

That’s why we’re going to look at natural and organic-based supplements that you can add to your diet to improve your exercise routines. The best part about organic and natural supplements is that you can take them and they’ll benefit you, regardless of your workout routine.

Consider these natural supplement alternatives to include in your pre- and post-workout routines and notice the difference in energy, weight loss and muscle build. Without all of the funny ingredients you can’t pronounce.  



There is more and more talk around CBD oil in South Africa and CBD oil in Cape Town.  The non-psychoactive oil has been said to be an all-round beneficial supplement that is safe for all members of the family (yes, including your pets).

But over the past year or so, there has been a rising interest in CBD and its role as a pre- or post-workout supplement. They say that CBD oil can lower a person's catabolic hormones. These, of course, being the natural hormones our bodies use to break down muscle (which isn’t always the goal in terms of exercise). This will definitely make it easier for you to build muscle and not have your body break it back down almost as soon as you’ve built it.

It has also been said that CBD oil helps to regulate one’s blood sugar levels which will, ultimately, aid in weight loss. And CBD oil is such a versatile supplement that you can incorporate it in more than just your fitness routine, but your skincare and daily wellness routine as well.



There’s no more need for you to justify the three cups of coffee you’re having every day. Caffeine is another supplement you can take to help you get through your workouts. Many fitness supplements contain caffeine so you might as well stick to a cup of coffee instead of taking a no-name brand capsule stuffed with other ingredients.

It’s best to have a dose of caffeine as a pre-workout supplement to give you a boost of energy that will sustain you throughout your session in the gym. If you find that you aren’t getting enough caffeine for your workouts, then you can consider finding a caffeine capsule. Just be aware of dosages and eating beforehand as caffeinated pre-workouts have been known to make one feel shaky.

Green superfood powder and protein

Green smoothies don’t scream “drink me, I’m delicious”. But they do scream “drink me, I’m nutritious”. When it comes to exercising and going hard in the gym, it’s important that your diet reflects the results you’re wanting to see. And the chance of getting your body where you want it to be without a substantial amount of greens isn’t likely.

Luckily, one serving of a powdered greens smoothie can supply you with your three to five servings of fruits and vegetables that your diet needs. And having your greens is good for digestion, energy, antioxidants, detoxification and inflammation, among many other things.

While we’re on the topic of diet, protein is another important aspect for those looking to build muscle. And it can be very difficult to include the mountains of protein you need without supplementing it. There are plant-based protein powders (hemp and pea protein powders being two of the best) for those who are looking for a dietary-friendly alternative.

Vitamin B complex

It’s always been important to take your vitamins. Arguably, the best of them being Vitamin B. The best thing about a Vitamin B complex shot is that it will give you energy, help fight muscle weakness and ease joint pain – all things you’re going to need when there’s a tough workout ahead of you.

And by taking Vitamin B complex, you’ll be benefiting in other ways too. For example, your hair and nails will grow faster and stronger which, granted, isn’t gym-related but it’s still a bonus.

When it comes to supplements and exercise, it’s contradictory to not have natural ingredients and supplements in your diet. If you’re trying to be healthy and good to your body, natural and organic is the best way to go. And with all of the above supplements, you’ll get everything you need for your weight-loss, muscle-building or toning efforts.

Natural supplements