What parts do you need for mountain biking?

mountain bikingmountain biking
mountain bikingmountain biking


What parts do you need for mountain biking?

Taking up mountain biking is a fantastic way to improve your health and become more active. Not only will you be able to enjoy a new sport, but you can also experience the outdoors in a unique and exciting way. But, before you do so there are a few essentials you need, such as the right bicycle parts for your mountain bike, a head tube, a tyre pump, and a helmet. These are bicycle parts you’ll need in South Africa to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable ride.

You can shop for the bike parts online once you know what you need. The bike components in the online store are often listed by brand, making it easier for you to find and purchase them. Be sure to reach out to an online bicycle shop for advice if you are not sure about where to start when it comes to choosing a mountain bike. Follow the advice below for some of the parts you will need for mountain biking.


Two spare tubes

It is vital to always have a spare tube or two when going off on your next mountain biking adventure. This is because you’re likely to reach terrain that will leave you susceptible to a puncture at some point during your journey.

You should carry a tube that is the right size for your tyres and one that is in between your tyre size and one size larger. This will allow you to ride out of the trail safely should your tyre be punctured and you have to change it. Be sure that the extras are always maintained and that the valves are easy to access. If the tubes have experienced some wear and tear, it is time to upgrade them so that they will remain reliable for when you need them most.


A tyre pump

With your spare tubes, you will need to include a tyre pump. A tyre pump is vital because you will use it to inflate the tubes when you need to replace the punctured one. If you do not want extra weight while riding, choose a compact pump which is lighter but equally as effective as one using a CO2 cartridge.

You can keep this pump in your backpack or in one of your pockets for easy access. Be sure that your cartridges are always full and are not damaged or punctured. Learn how to use this pump so that when the time comes, you know exactly what to do. You can keep the pump and the tubes together in a pocket so that they are easy to find and will not be lost while you are riding along a trail.


A tyre patch kit

While this is not a part, a tyre patch kit is essential for keeping your bike moving while riding up and down trails. This kit will help immensely in fixing small holes or issues that do not lead to the entire tube being replaced, and it will help to keep your tyres safe and secure for any future rides after the fix.

The kit should have the basics, which includes:

  • Patches
  • A small piece of sandpaper
  • A tube of vulcaniser (to glue the patches to the tyre)
  • An implement (to spread the vulcaniser evenly on the tube)

Be sure these items have not expired, and do not allow the glue to become old or hard, as this will make it highly difficult to use in times of emergency.


A compact multi-tool

A multi-tool is a vital piece of equipment that mountain bikers need in their arsenal. This tool can be used for undoing any screws, for helping to replace tyres, and for tightening spokes and other issues. Opt for one which is light and easy to carry but that has a range of tools available to chose.

Mountain biking takes you along bumpy and uneven trails, which could cause damage to your bike while you are riding it, which is where a multi-tool can come in handy. You can use it to remove the tyre and fix the spokes that might have been damaged or you can use it to tighten any screws that might have been loosened. It can be a life-saver in difficult times, and you can maintain your bike to a high degree.


Ensure you have the essentials

Having the essential equipment when you go mountain biking means that you will have a safe and sturdy ride. You will need to have spare tyre tubes, a tyre pump, a patch kit, as well as a multi-tool. Don’t forget a helmet, goggles, or glasses, as well as gloves, and knee and elbow pads. Provide yourself with plenty of protection so that you can enjoy this thrilling experience as safely as possible.

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