What to wear for different types of cycling



What to wear for different types of cycling

Cycling is one of the best sports to take up if you want to keep healthy and active. And it is a great way to be social with others who share your interests. There are different types of cycling that you can take part in as a novice, including road cycling and mountain biking. You could also take part in cross country cycling, but this is usually preferred by more experienced cyclists.

You should look for the right cycling apparel for the type of cycling you will be taking part in. The cycling clothing essentials include helmets, glasses or goggles, and comfortable shorts. You can buy cycling apparel online or in-store, depending on your location. For those searching for the best mountain bike brands, be sure to also look for mountain bike shoes for a successful ride. Below are some top tips on what to wear for different types of cycling.


Road cycling

Cycling on the road is an effective form of exercise and allows you to interact with others, as well as improve your cardio. But, you might not be sure about what to wear for this type of cycling. Below is a list of just some of the items you will need to wear for this type of cycling sport.


A bike jersey

A bike jersey is an important part of any cyclist’s gear. It is usually made of form-fitting material to reduce any lag when you are riding and will help to keep you warm if there is inclement weather. And it has back and side pockets which you can use to store important items, such as car keys.

The jersey should have a collar that you can lift up around your neck to protect it from the summer sun as well as shoulders that have been made larger for arms to give more comfort. You can look for a jersey that has a zipper to provide ventilation on hot days. For colder climates, you will find some jerseys offer long sleeves which can keep you warm. Be sure that the material is breathable so you are comfortable no matter what the weather is.


A pair of bike shorts

Sitting comfortably when riding your bike is essential for a successful ride. You will need to find shorts that have a padded seat and which are not too loose, as this could cause issues when riding downhill in terms of slowing you down.

Many shorts will have a padded seat area with a  “chamois” that keeps it comfortable and sturdy. This helps to reduce friction and stops moisture from making your shorts uncomfortable and wet. Look for longer-cut legs of the shorts which will minimise the possibility of chafing and this will also help you to feel more aerodynamic. Spandex is the best choice of material for these shorts, as it allows you more flexibility and it fits your body better for a more comfortable ride.


Mountain biking

If you are looking for mountain bikes for sale, or if you already own a dual suspension mountain bike, it is important to have the right gear. Aside from wearing a helmet at all times, as well as elbow and knee-pads, there are some essentials that you will need, as outlined below.


Mountain bike shorts

These shorts are often known by the nickname “baggies” because they are not as tight-fitting as normal bike shorts. They also have an inner liner to prevent chafing and improve comfort but are loose fitting for a better down-hill rides and uneven terrain.

These shorts often have multiple pockets for storage, making them ideal for keeping tyre tube repair kits handy. Be sure that the shorts fit you properly and are not too loose, as this could be dangerous when riding down steep and tricky terrain. Look for shorts that offer you flexibility and rotation so that you can manoeuvre trails easily. For those who enjoy looking good while cycling, many baggies are available in vibrant colours and patterns.


Mountain biking shoes

Shoes are an important piece of clothing that you need for cycling, and this is especially true of mountain biking. Mountain biking shoes are different from the shoes that normal cyclists use, in that they have durable and thick soles with more grip.

This added grip is needed to ensure that your feet do not slip out of the pedals when riding and also to offer more comfort. You can invest in toe covers or shoe covers to keep your feet and shoes dry if you are riding in wet weather. Be sure to look for socks that will also keep your feet dry, but that are not too thick as to cause overheating or discomfort.


Get on your bike and ride

To paraphrase the great Freddie Mercury, if you want to ride your bicycle, you will need to have all the right clothing and gear. Aside from the obvious of a helmet and glasses, you should look for a jersey, shorts and shoes to suit the type of cycling that you are interested in pursuing. And looking good while taking part in your favourite sport doesn’t hurt, so put some serious thought into your cycling apparel.